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We provide end to end consultancy for Cosmetics, Beauty, Personal care and Hygiene product development
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Formulation Development
Concept & Product development briefing

We initiate the conversation with you to know your vision, concept and budget for the formula. That will help us to develop the product exactly in a way you want.

Benchmark selection

We ask you for the benchmark product that you wish to be in line. Also some packaging references will help us to formulation the product exactly as you want.

Ingredient selection

We will choose and source all raw materials based on your product development brief. We will select them tailored to your requirements, functionality and aesthetics of the product.

Prototype development

We begin to create lab samples, revise them until you are completely satisfied. Once we agree on a formula, we will send the final formulation along with all technical documentation.

Trouble shooting

We help our clients to troubleshoot the problems they are having in existing product line up. We use our expertise to improve the efficacy of the formula and help them to reduce the cost at the same time. We also identify problems with packaging if any and recommend the best suitable availability. Moreover, we also help clients to solve problems in scaling up the production from small scale to large scale.

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our process03

The main purpose of stability testing is to determine if a product can withstand a variety of conditions such as temperature changes and packaging suitability. At selected intervals, evaluate the sample under test and record physical, chemical, and performance changes. If the formula remains the same, the formula has passed the stability test. This means that the formula is stable and ready to be manufactured and sold on the market.

Shelf life

Wondering what the shelf existence of your product is? We can decide the proper expiry date or a PAO (duration after opening) which designates some of months or years that suggest the minimal date of sturdiness of the product.

Lab scale batches

We are proud to offer a lab-scale batch once the formulation is complete. Lab-scale batches are often run to test stability and storage, package compatibility, and finally to see if formulas need to be adjusted before scaling up. It's also great to have it handy for sharing and testing among teammates. Once the batch has been tested, the product line can be further expanded to manufacturing levels.

Commercial production /private label manufacturing

We manage the entire manufacturing process from A to Z. From manufacturing to packaging and raw material procurement and scaling. Our work will not end until you receive your order. We also help them to choose most appropriate private label manufactures for their products.

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Packaging development
Sourcing of primary & secondary packaging

Packaging is the face of your brand. It's the first thing people see, that's why it's so important. Through our extensive network of packaging suppliers, we can source packaging that speaks for you and your brand. We can prepare several options for your packaging project and help you contact the suppliers that best meet your needs. Make your vision come alive and stand out on the shelf. We help them choose technically best option from all which is suitable for the product safety and shelf life.

We also help our clients for packaging label and INCI compliances to make sure that they are printing correct information on the packaging itself.